Journal of Research in Clinical Medicine (JRCM) (eISSN: 2717-0616) is an e-published peer-reviewed journal being continuously published. JRCM is an open-access journal; abstracts and full texts of all articles are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication without any form of restriction. The journal covers all areas of clinical medicine with an emphasis on three main fields of emergency & critical care, internal diseases, and neurology & aging.

Brief History:

JARCM began its work in 2013 in the field of medical and health sciences after the approval of the National Commission for Medical Sciences Publications and published its first issue in the winter of 2013. Since 2014, it has published scientific articles as a quarterly journal. The purpose of the journal was to present theories and results of scientific review and analytical researches in the field of clinical medicine with an emphasis on the risk factors, data analysis, and data linkage. A total of 26 issues has been published, including 219 articles. Dr. Ayyoub Malek was Director-in-Charge and Dr. Changiz Gholipour was Editor-in-Chief from 2013 to 2019.

Due to changes in medical school policies and on the other hand the restrictions on journal scopes that included analytical and review articles and did not include other studies especially interventional studies, the journal changed and expanded its scope. By this, it will be able to publish the results of researches conducted by academic researchers and research centers all around the world in order to promote the quality of education and research, to exchange and develop new scientific knowledge and experiences, and to familiarize graduates with the latest scientific findings.